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I belong to the Divine Grace that created me; Please bless me to serve The Grace at all times."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More news from Soul Call's India Press release!

As written in the Times of India...

"Chennai: As a high-flying businesswoman in America, Chandrika Tandon has fought quite a few boardroom battles, but she cried when she listened to Pandit Jasraj. I was in tears for those three hours, said Chennaiite Tandon, who is the chairperson of Tandon Capital Associates.
Sister of Pepsico topgun Indira Nooyi and a woman wearing many hats, Tandon,has taken the Narayana Kavacham (Om Namoh Narayanaya) to global platform. Her second album, Soul Call, which just released in India, is woven around Narayana Kavacham. This is a mantra which touches eight vital points in human body, and also works as an armour when cell regeneration is on, she said in a video conference on Thursday." [read more]

Hot off the press!

From The Hindu:

"It isn't often that a devotional music CD sells in the thousands even before it is officially launched. But then Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon isn't your average singer.

Soul Call, an album of Sanskrit chants by Tandon, a New York-based businesswoman, educationist and spiritualist, was launched in the city by Purple Note (a division of SPI Music, Chennai) recently."  Read more!